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Join us in the fight against depression as we seek to help the world heal and cope one mind at a time. Join now to receive information on upcoming events, meetings and workshops. Whether you yourself suffer, or know someone who does, help us spread the word, "DEPRESSION, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE."

Please find it in your heart to make a donation that can be used to help save a life by spreading the word about the truths and myths surrounding depression. These donations will be used to set up programs and resources that focus on getting more people informed about depression, especially those who deal or believe they may be dealing with depression.


"You may FEEL depressed, but you ARE NOT depression.


Our mission is to bring awareness to depression, allowing those who suffer to take off the mask of guilt and shame, all while educating those who love them. No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and heal those who need it.

Our Mission


Depression can often leave you feeling like you are drowning without ever dying, but I say to you, although you feel depressed you are not depression. When grey clouds roll into your blue skies, and believe me they will, just know that like any cloudy day there will again be blue skies and sunshine. And as hard as it may be, while those grey clouds persist we must weather that storm until it passes. It will feel like a fight sometimes, but your life is worth fighting for. There are people who love and need you. Fight for yourself, fight for them.